Tricks That Will Assist Your Recovery From Ptosis Surgery


If you have ptosis surgery coming up, make sure that you read the tricks below to speed up and aid your recovery process. Gather all the supplies you will need to implement these tricks during the recovery process before you go in for surgery. Wash Your Sheets Your bedding can contain a lot of germs and dead skin cells. You naturally shed skin cells as you sleep and you transfer germs and bacteria to your sheets and bedding as you sleep as well.

27 July 2016

An Eye Ultrasound? Why Do You Need One?


Many eye exams go quickly and smoothly. Your optometrist tests your vision and checks for certain eye conditions such as glaucoma. Next, your eye doctor will write a prescription for your glasses or contact lenses and then fit you for these vision aids. Sometimes, you eye professional may ask for additional tests, including an eye ultrasound. These tests do not necessarily mean anything is amiss. However, you should understand what these tests are and why they are important.

2 May 2016

Is Your Teen Too Cool For Glasses? Persuade Them Otherwise


If your teen has recently discovered that they need corrective eyewear and they don't like the thought of wearing glasses, there are some things that you can tell them to try to change their mind. Contacts are great, but it isn't always convenient to wear the contacts if you have an eye infection or eye irritation. Glasses are a trendy and popular accessory at this time that people wear even if they don't have vision problems.

31 March 2016

3 Nutrients Your Eyes Need For Good Health


A lot of people spend money on vitamins and supplements for their overall health, yet they fail to properly take care of their eyes. If you want to maintain your eyesight and keep your eyes healthy and strong, you may want to start taking a natural eye supplement for this. Your eyes need certain nutrients to stay healthy, and you might not be consuming enough of these specific nutrients each day with the food you eat.

17 March 2016

Keep Your Vision In Check: Understanding What Vision Loss May Do To Your Health


Although individuals know that they should see an eye doctor on a regular basis, it doesn't mean that they do it. As long as they can pass their driver's license exam and see fine to perform day-to-day tasks, most people don't give their eyesight a second thought. That is, until that vision begins to falter. Vision loss can actually lead to a number of health problems, and it is important to understand what these risks are.

10 March 2016

Three Clues That Could Indicate That Your Child Needs Glasses


As a parent, it's important to take your child to see the eye doctor regularly. Generally, children who aren't experiencing eye problems should visit the eye doctor every two years. While these appointments are integral to your child's health, they also help you to gauge whether your child might need glasses, especially if there is a history of vision problems in your family. Some children might not volunteer that they're struggling to see; after all, they might be concerned about being teased at school.

8 March 2016

Everything You Need To Know About Retinal Detachment


A retinal detachment is a medical emergency in which the retina (which is an important layer of tissue in the eye) separates from the layer of blood vessels in is normally connected to. When this occurs, it stops the flow of oxygen and nourishment to your eye's retinal cells. The longer retinal detachment lingers without treatment, the greater your risks of permanently losing your vision in that eye are. Fortunately, retinal detachment is a medical emergency with clear warning signs and symptoms.

7 March 2016